Man sues women’s university (22nd January, 2015)

Man sues women’s university (22nd January, 2015)


A man has sued an all-women’s university in Japan for rejecting his application to join it. The reason why they refused was that he is a male. He argues that the university is discriminating against his gender; also, he says the policy allowing only female students is unconstitutional. He required 660,000 yen to the university in harm for his suffering. He applied to the university because it was his only option to follow a dietician. He mentioned that if he had to go other university, his career path would be narrow. There is a conflict between the man and the university. The man’s lawyer said women’s universities are no longer necessary. In the past, they encouraged women who had little chance for education; on the other hand, the university contended that their goal is to prepare women for leadership and they would continue to promoting women’s education. 계속 읽기


Neil Harbisson: I listen to color


Neil Harbisson was born with a rare visual condition called achromatopsia, which is total color blindness. To him, the world was composed of white, black and gray color; however, since the age of 21, he can sense color by hearing. He and computer scientists developed new device called “eyeborg”. 계속 읽기

Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us

Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us (9th December, 2014)

Summary: Stephen Hawking, one of the most famed scientist in the world, cautioned that the development of artificial intelligence(AI) could lead the end of humanity, according to the recent interview in BBC. During the interview, a special voice synthesizer was used to communicate. Professor Hawking mentioned that AI is at a  beginning step yet; however, the more it becomes elaborated, the more a danger approaches to us. This is because human is limited by slow speed of biological evolution, but in the case of robot and machines with AI they spontaneously develop themselves with increasing speed. He argued that there is no way to beat robots with AI, and humans could be replaced by them. Actually, in April 2014, he already warned about AI before. 계속 읽기

Moon vacations possible by 2024

Moon vacations possible by 2024   (2nd October, 2014)

Summary: The site providing price of flights, hotel, car hire for trip predicted that a moon travel service would be released a decade later. It made an announcement about the future travel report called ‘The future of Travel 2024’. In this report, there are lists including incredible trips for the thrill-seeking traveller and, Skyscanner considers space trip would be the most hot item in the near future. Some commercial firms already try to make a deal; indeed, space tourism companies such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX allowed the site to have a booking. The cost of round trip is $250,000. Skyscanner also expects a supersonic aircraft and underwater hotel rooms as a  popular item.

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