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*The reason why I chose this class

I chose “A BEGINNER’s GUIDE TO WRITING IN ENGISH FOR UNIVERSITY STUDY” course in futurelearn site for MOOC project. The reason I selected this lecture because I want to prepare for writing an essay. In this summer vacation, I go to UC Berkeley for 8 weeks, and some projects require writing skills.(Compound) Before doing the projects, I wanted to acquire writing an essay skills.(Complex) Through this course, I want to remind the writing skills I have studied before and learn new method of writing an essay.

*Summarize the content of the lecture and give your opinion


WEEK 4: Preparing your essay

I take “The stages of writing an essay” course in WEEK 4. There are 7 steps for writing an essay.

   1.Analysing the title

First stage of writing an essay is to “Find the hidden question in your essay title”. For example, what do you think of a hidden question of “Discuss the reasons why increasing numbers of children are learning early in China”? It would be “Why are increasing numbers of children learning English in China?”

   2.Collecting all the ideas you have

Next step is to write down all the ideas you have which answer the question in your essay title. All of the main ideas you wrote down would be include in your essay.

   3.Drawing a diagram to show which ideas and evidence to use

Third step is “Deciding which ideas and evidence to use”. You need to choose main points that make your essay interesting and have strong evidence supporting your ideas.

   4.Writing your plan

There are guide for well-structured assay.

  • Introduction: background and thesis statement
  • Paragraph 1: paragraph leader and main body
  • Paragraph 2: paragraph leader and main body
  • Paragraph 3: paragraph leader and main body
  • Conclusion: summary and future advice/prediction

In introduction, there would be explanation of background and thesis statement. In each paragraph, it contains paragraph leader which would be the main point and main body supporting the main point. In conclusion, there are summary about the essay and prediction.

   5.Writing your first draft(first try)

Write a first draft based on your plan:)

   6.Aasking for feedback on your first draft

The main purpose of the feedback after your first draft is to see if another reader (other than yourself) can understand the ideas in your essay. Check grammar mistakes or improper expressions and the structure of assay.

   7.Writing your final draft!

Overall, this lecture is a well-ordered plot. It was easy to follow the course. Especially, I like the explanation with examples:) In every stage, the professor used Chaohua’s assay for sample. In feedback stage, it was interesting to compare my correction of Chaohua’s essay with the professor’s correction. Also, it was great to share various ideas with learners taking same courses. However, it’s a pity that there are no fresh skill which I expected to learn.

*Comment on the level of the language used by the professor(was it easy to understand?)

The professor used proper language that was easy to understand contents in the course. In addition, this class consists of short videos in each stage; therefore, I could follow his lecture with no trouble.(Compound) In every stage, the professor explained skills with examples not just theory, and this teaching method helped me to apply skills easily.

*Comment on the ease of difficulty of navigation. Did you have any problems navigating the site and finding the course materials and other parts of the course?


Futurelearn arranged courses with several categories that make easy to searching lessons related to learner’s interests. Also, I like the simple design of this site:) In my class, there are 4 sections which are online course section, activity section, replies and progress section. This divisions provide guide to using various tools to learners.

*Would you recommend the site and course to your friends?

In this site, learners can take courses for free! I would like to recommend people who want to learn without cost. However, it leaves one thing to be desired. It is that there are not various classes to take and the number of lessons are limited. I hope there would be more lessons; ) About the writing an essay course, it well organized about basic skills of writing an essay. Actually, I expected fresh contents of essay skills, but this course was just about basic skills. I would recommend my friends who want to know the writing basic skills of writing essay.

*If you had the time, would you like to continue studying to full course?

In this course, there are many contents which I already know about. I have learned some skills in 영어쓰기와읽기 class before. Maybe if I had the time, I would like to try more advance level course related to writing an essay.


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