[snowflackes]My favorite post from each partner’s blogs

*Hong Yena’s blog (Sweets&Movies)

James Cameron: Before Avatar a curious boy

Yena’s passions are Sweets and Movies. I interestingly looked at her posts because both of them were my passions, and various subjects attracted me.(Complex) I could learn various lessons through posts related to movies such as “Colin Stokes: How movies teach manhood” and “James Cameron: Before Avatar … a curious boy”. My favorite post in her blog is TED lecture of James Cameron. Actually, I have taken the speech before, and I also deeply impressed by his passion like her.(Compound) Through this lesson, I could understand his movies better after I learned his philosophy on films and behind story of Avatar.(Complex) His creative products come from his endless challenge of developing new fields. He did try and practice lots of projects regardless of failure. I think, based on these experience, he could inspire others with his films containing his efforts and passion. In addition, this post reminded me of his leaderships as well. I respect his courage and attitude toward others. I was glad that to know her idea about this lecture 😉

*Han Jieun’s blog (Cosmetics&Animals)

EU bans sale of all animal- tested cosmetics

Cosmetics and Animals are Jieun’s passions. In her blog, there were many useful information related to cosmetics such as lipstick and eye shadow. In addition, she wrote some posts about issues of threating conducts to animals.(Compound) My favorite post in her blog is “EU bans sale of all animal- tested cosmetics”. That’s because it involves in both cosmetics and animal topics which are her passions, and animal-tested cosmetics is controversial issue around the world.(Compound) I studied about this issue last semester and had a big debates on it. During preparing these issue, I was shocked by the processes while testing cosmetics with animals just like her. I think it is not necessary because the experiments based on animals are not always correct and alternative methods are developed for test cosmetics. Unfortunately, animal experiments is still under way in some countries. I agree with EU’s determination and this is the direction our world have to pursue for animal’s right.

*Yoo Jenny’s blog (Culture&World Issues)

My Top 5 Favorite American Dramas

There are two passions which are Culture and World Issues in Jenny’s blog. Through her posts, I could learn global news around world that I didn’t know, and her summary helped me to understand easily about the situations of issues. About culture, unfortunately, I have few chance to know other cultures such as coffee, food etiquettes, but her writing told me other cultures.(Compound) My favorite post in her blog is “My Top 5 Favorite American Dramas”. The reason I chose this article is I was interested in American dramas because watching them is great way to improve English ability and adapt to their culture. Her post contained useful information related to dramas 😉 I used to watch Gilmore Girls and these days I see Big Bang Theory. In her post, there were some dramas I’ve never heard before, but their stories seem like exiting! In my personal opinion, Modern Family would be great drama:) Reading the post, I wanted to try new American drama!

*Peter’s blog (Music&Religious Fundamentalism)

Ex-Moonie Diane Benscoter: How Cults Think

In his blog, there are two passions. One of Peter’s passion is Music! I felt that he is really into music! Many posts are related to music. In his blog, through interview, performance video and movie, I could know famous composers and learn different genre of music! His another passion is religious fundamentalism. Actually, I don’t have a religion, but I wondered why people believe in religious cults. One post answered my question. It is “Ex-Moonie Diane Benscoter: How Cults Think”, and it is my favorite post in his writings. Even though her speech was short, it helped me to understand the reason why people believe in them.(Complex) Taking her lesson, I felt same way like Peter. One thing I feel sorry about her speech was specific evidence supporting her opinion. If there was basis or theory proving her opinion, her lesson would be more persuasive.(Complex) However, it make me think more about religious cult and find other speeches related to cults. I was good chance to learn about it!

*Eunice’s blog (Cooking&Working out)

How to make Lemon Butter Chicken

I chose Eunice’s blog because I want to good at cooking and working out! When I traveled her blog, there were various subject not only for passions like health, SNS and so on. Among various posts, my favorite post is “How to make Lemon Butter Chicken”. Since when I was young, I wanted to be good cook. I think being good at cook is important ability for happy life. Though I don’t have lots of experience of cook, but these days I try to make food by myself. So far I just cook simple meals such as Rolled Omelet and Spicy Noodle. However, I decided my mind to learn recipes of various foods. I haven’t made chicken, but when I watched her video, I felt that the recipe was not that difficult! In youtube, there are a number of video showing process of making tasty foods with simple way. If I succeed making new dishes, it would bring me satisfaction and confidence of cooking! Maybe next week I will try to make Lemon Butter Chicken;)


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