My Top 5 favorite apps

In an App store, new applications are released every day. They offer useful functions to us. Lots of smart phone users are interested in using them; also, I am one of them who love to use apps.(Compound) In this post, I want to share my top 5 favorite apps with you, and if you like one among them, download it!

5. everytime  everytime

everytime3    everytime2

I expect that everytime is the most popular app in our university students.(superlative form) It is an application that offers community space, time table and reviews of course for university students. In community space, I get announcements of our university and other club’s new or events. Post can be uploaded anonymously, so it make students feel free to share various idea with others.(Compound) In time table section, its design is very simple and shows class hour, professor’s name and lecture room, but editing table is just possible on PC.(Compound) In review section, we can get some information about reviews about classes. Before you register for courses, check comments first!(Complex) However, I think it would be better to use sookstory which contains more reviews about our university’s class comments.

4. Umano umano  

umano2    umano3    umano4

Umano is an app which helps me to improve my listening comprehension for free. Many English articles related to various topics are updated every day; in addition, audio file recorded by professional voice actor also provided in this app.(Compound) There are several reasons why I think it is suitable to me. First is that it is no burdenless to read an article at once because the length of articles is short. The other reason is that I can listen articles conveniently while on the move to a school or home. In my case, I spend an hour to commute to a university, and during this time I used to waste time just watching SNS or listening music.(Compound) However, with Umano, I could spend my spare time to studying English. I used several English article apps before, but I think Umano is the best app I have ever used for studying English.(superlative form)

3. Candy Crush Soda candy1 

candy   candy2

I think Candy Crush Soda is the sweetest game app!(Superlative form) It is kind of puzzle game putting 3 pieces of same shape together. First time I encountered this game, I was charmed with the sound effect when candy crushes. It was very clear and tasty:) Its design looks like a fairy-tale world decorated with lots of jellies and candies. There are lots of stage and every level has different concept. It is fun to explore new stages. I can see other gamer’s progress, and it stimulate me to go to the next level. However, it has strong toxicity, so I try to control myself to not spend too much time on it.

2. Ndrive ndrive

ndrive2    ndrive3     ndrive4

I use Ndrive to keep files safely. You might have had bad experience that you pressed reset button by mistake and lost your contact list or photo. To prevent this unlucky situation, I upload all of my data in here. It can contains 30GB of data; therefore, it is available to upload more than 3-thousand photos from my trips.(Compound) In addition, it can manage various formats such as documents, image, video and music. There is another function I like to use. It is sharing system. Expect music file because of infringement of copyright, I can share files with others easily just inviting them to approach my file. You can use this function when you are doing team project. It is not necessary to send documents using e-mail to other members, if you just upload it to in sharing file.(Complex) These functions of Ndrive would keep your data safe and provide convenience to you!

1. Moldiv Moldiv

Moldiv3     moldiv2

This is my special photo editor! Moldiv provides many functions for editing photo. It is a lot less difficult than other apps which have complex functions.(comparative forms) You can combine many photos using collage technique easily; also, stamps and text can be simply added to your image. There are special frames that seem like magazine article. If you just choose images what you want to put and select magazine frame, it forms a new product that really seems like an image in a magazine. If you want to use more special editing, you have to pay some extra money. However, just with basic functions you can beautifully decorate photo pretty enough. I use this app when I want to give some burdenless present to friends. Editing photos you took with them and giving well edited photos to your friends are costless but, you can promote friendships between you and them!


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