My Top 5 attractions in New York

Last summer vacation, I have visited New York for school program, and my colleagues and I spent 10 days in there. It was one of the best places I have ever been to!(superlative form) I want to share my idea of top 5 attractions in New York based on my experience. If you are going to visit NY someday, please reference my post:)

  1. UN Headquarter

P20140812_055929843_525C7F91-74E3-4FFD-B45B-8EADF6F09BCE   P20140812_053217195_129BA749-3FDD-4A4E-A43A-AB3765A107ED

All over the world, there are two UN Headquarters. One of them is in Geneva, and the other is in New York. Representatives from all over the world participate in UN council. The reason that I picked UN Headquarter as a top 5 attraction is that it would be meaningful to visit the Headquarter and learn what are they doing and history of our world. If you apply UN tour program, you can enter there, and a guide explains details about UN. The guide leading our tour was Korean, and she explained the role of departments in UN related to Korea. It made me easy to understand based on my country; also, I could resolve my question I had about UN during this tour.

  1. Chelsea Market

P20140814_083550168_88DB84AA-3FF6-4D4E-9897-69E6ABFDD704   P20140814_080223481_9F3089B5-85C6-499B-9069-457A80403F49   P20140814_085928556_137AF157-5D23-4653-BBAA-B836348D0E6F

I felt the difference between Chelsea Market and Korean traditional market. A concept of market was unique and there are several artworks to see. We could see various items in the market. There were meet, seafood, dessert, daily supplies and so on. In food section, there was one menu you couldn’t miss. It is a lobster! The most delicious menu is a lobster in the market, and many people visit the market because of it.(superlative form)(Compound) Its size is bigger than a normal tumbler.(comparative form) A lobster with lemon oil is fantastic combination. Another thing I have tried in the market was brownie. I bought some brownie in there. It had a strong taste and the quantity of it made me happy. If you want to try new and fresh taste go to Chelsea Market!

  1. Museum of Modern Art(MoMA)

P20140816_082338089_5197DC9A-438C-4F86-966E-4AF5506D40F6    P20140816_082025368_EB9A15F8-702C-4DD9-B2ED-F888CC37D000    P20140816_083516522_F1256A61-92D5-408C-95F6-A7E4CDBCCC8A

This museum is one of the most famous museum in Manhattan.(superlative form) It displays a large number of well-known masterpiece. Actually, before I entered the museum, I thought appreciating works would be boring since I didn’t know well about art.(Complex) However, I really enjoyed them because I could see some works which I saw before in my textbook, and various types of arts was interesting. Unfortunately, we arrived at there in the last an hour before closing time, so I felt sorry that we had not enough time to watch all the pieces of work. Next time I visit MoMA, I would spend enough time to appreciate those works. There is one tip I want you to know. Every Friday after 5p.m., there is an event that students can enter the museum for free! Check benefits before go to there.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

P20140811_092016391_78D718B4-CE9F-4CBD-A9CA-1E24C4E4D624     P20140811_092711971_5E7026DA-17C5-48A7-A96B-ECAE81981DDD

There several famous bridges in New York, and One of them is Brooklyn Bridge.(Compound) It is located at bottom of Manhattan. It has unique feature. It is composed of irons structure and wood, and it match well with the city. (Compound) It takes about 30minutes to cross the bridge. When my friends and I crossed it, we could see fascinating city views. Walking on the bridge by sunset, we could see a status of liberty in the distance and ferry was riding across the river. After sunset, a night view of various skyscrapers appeared. Light emitted from building lights sparkled, and I could notice the size of city.(Compound) Walking on the bridge, I could watch harmony of New York City and nature around it.

  1. Time Square

P20140812_092414883_ED727FC3-531B-44B9-BCE5-774CD13EC04B   P20140812_110704698_0906FDF1-73AA-492E-926A-08530AE3F9C1

Time Square represents everything about New York! It is a complex of culture such as music, performance and food. It is located in Midtown, Manhattan. When I first arrived there, bright and huge signboards overwhelmed me. The light coming from signs was so strong. Even though it was in the middle of night, the streets was as bright as day.(Complex) Many stores open until midnight. There are various fashion shops, restaurants, and performances. It was exited to visit lots of brand stores, and dishes were also tasty.(Compound) I watched the musical called Mama Mia, and songs amused me. In addition, I could see many people in there, and I felt many things by them. When I walked along the street, I saw a young boy playing a violin on the street continuously. His performance was really great! I felt that that he fell in love in with music and I was touched by his passion. In Time Square, I could experience lots of things and felt a lot. That’s why I choose Time Square as a top place in NY:)

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