Man sues women’s university (22nd January, 2015)

Man sues women’s university (22nd January, 2015)


A man has sued an all-women’s university in Japan for rejecting his application to join it. The reason why they refused was that he is a male. He argues that the university is discriminating against his gender; also, he says the policy allowing only female students is unconstitutional. He required 660,000 yen to the university in harm for his suffering. He applied to the university because it was his only option to follow a dietician. He mentioned that if he had to go other university, his career path would be narrow. There is a conflict between the man and the university. The man’s lawyer said women’s universities are no longer necessary. In the past, they encouraged women who had little chance for education; on the other hand, the university contended that their goal is to prepare women for leadership and they would continue to promoting women’s education.


According to the article, it says it was the first time in Japan that someone filed a lawsuit women’s university over this issue. Actually, in Korea, there was also a similar case. One women’s university faced a lawsuit by a man. Although the man wanted to enter a law school, the university rejected his application based on his gender. The judgment of the court was that the university is not guilty. The court said that it is their own autonomy that they follows the policy admitting female students; also, there are other law schools to which he can apply. I agree with the court, but in Japan’s case I expect the judgement might be different. The difference between Korea’s case and that of Japan is that the man who sued Japanese women’s universities had few options to pursue his career. Which university he goes would have great effect on his future career. I am really curious about the judgement of the court.

The man’s lawyer said women-only universities are anachronistic in today’s world. He said: “In the past, women’s universities had the role of giving preferential treatment to women who had fewer opportunities for education, but that role is no longer necessary.”

I want to add my opinion related the man’s lawyer mention. He said women’s universities are not needed today. I disagree with him. Even if many opportunities for education are provided to women these days, I think still there are some obstacles that women have to face while studying or working in society. I think women’s university would support women to develop their ability against those obstruction.

Vocabulary & Expressions

A man has filed a lawsuit against an all-women’s university in Japan after they rejected his application to join the university because he is male.

file(verb): If you file a formal or legal accusation, complaint, or request, you make it officially.

Korean Equivalent: (소송 등을) 제기[제출]하다

Synonyms: enter, register

Antonyms: erase, disarrange

Personal Sentence: I filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery a few months later

He also claims the university’s policy of admitting female-only students is unconstitutional.

unconstitutional(adj): If something is unconstitutional, it breaks the rules of a political system.

Korean Equivalent: 헌법에 위배되는

Synonyms: illegitimate, unlawful

Antonyms: legal, ethical

Personal Sentence: The Moldavian parliament has declared the elections unconstitutional.

He wants the university to accept his application to study and pay him 660,000 yen in damages for the anguish caused by the rejection.

anguish(noun): Anguish is great mental suffering or physical pain.

Korean Equivalent: 괴로움, 비통

Synonyms: grief, sorrow, suffering

Antonyms: delight, joy, happiness

Personal Sentence: Mark looked at him in anguish.


One thought on “Man sues women’s university (22nd January, 2015)

  1. I think this can be a controversial story. Gender issues or human right issues for transgenders, lesbians and gays have been raised since the 20th century in Aisa. Nowadays, many people are rasing their voices to protect their human rights in Asia. However, nations seem to be conservative when it comes to such issues. Thanks for sharing this article! it made me to think a lot.

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