Moon vacations possible by 2024

Moon vacations possible by 2024   (2nd October, 2014)

Summary: The site providing price of flights, hotel, car hire for trip predicted that a moon travel service would be released a decade later. It made an announcement about the future travel report called ‘The future of Travel 2024’. In this report, there are lists including incredible trips for the thrill-seeking traveller and, Skyscanner considers space trip would be the most hot item in the near future. Some commercial firms already try to make a deal; indeed, space tourism companies such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX allowed the site to have a booking. The cost of round trip is $250,000. Skyscanner also expects a supersonic aircraft and underwater hotel rooms as a  popular item.

Opinion: Actually, I didn’t expect that a chance to go into space is coming soon! I think to going into space and appreciate the scene of planets what it looks like is totally different experience but, there are two big things make me hesitated about join travel. These are safety and price. If price is affordable and safety is guaranteed; then, I am willing to join this special travel to going to Moon. If this service becomes popular, the field related to the space would be grow fast and, people would have more interest about space. In addition, other fresh items would give people fresh and memorable travel.

Related Link: One-Way Ticket to Mars Mission (29th October, 2010) We can travel to Moon in a decade from now; furthermore, we might have a travel to Mars some day. In this article, it says, NASA is looking for volunteers to go to Mars, and never come back. NASA is running new project to conquer Mars. The purpose of this work is to find colonies we can live in for our survival beyond the space travel. It reminds me of the scenes of Interstellar. Also, in this movie, scientists tried to find new planets to settle down and sent scientists into space. Consequently, they find the way move people on Earth to other planet. If this project provides successful result as a story of Interstellar, it might make our lives convenient and enjoyable. However, there is a doubt that moving people to other planet is really necessary. I think there is no need to move out from Earth and also the cost for moving would be extremely high.

Stephen Hawking believes we must move to other planets to survive as a species. He said: “Once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe.”

Vocabulary & Expressions

 The report is a result of the collaboration between travel experts and international technology experts.

collaboration(noun)/collaborate(verb): Collaboration is the act of working together to produce a piece of work, especially a book or some research.

Korean Equivalent: 협력하다, 공동으로 작업하다.

Synonyms: cooperate, conspire, participate

Antonyms:divorce, part

Personal Sentence: Close collaboration between the Bank and the Fund is not merely desirable, it is essential.

Other things to look forward to include a supersonic aircraft that will fly London-Sydney in two hours and the emergence of “danger-zone” tourism.

supersonic(adj): Supersonic aircraft travel faster than the speed of sound.

Korean Equivalent: 초음속의

Synonyms: quick, rapid, swift

Antonyms: clumsy, slow

Personal Sentence: There was a huge bang; it sounded like a supersonic jet.


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