Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us

Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us (9th December, 2014)

Summary: Stephen Hawking, one of the most famed scientist in the world, cautioned that the development of artificial intelligence(AI) could lead the end of humanity, according to the recent interview in BBC. During the interview, a special voice synthesizer was used to communicate. Professor Hawking mentioned that AI is at a  beginning step yet; however, the more it becomes elaborated, the more a danger approaches to us. This is because human is limited by slow speed of biological evolution, but in the case of robot and machines with AI they spontaneously develop themselves with increasing speed. He argued that there is no way to beat robots with AI, and humans could be replaced by them. Actually, in April 2014, he already warned about AI before.

Opinion: Sound recognition device is one of the prevalent technology using AI. In This Stephen Hawking interview, a special voice synthesizer applied AI technology. In my case, in my iPhone, Siri understands what I am talking about and give me information such as weather and the nearest restaurant. In Iron man, Jarvis helps Tony Stark for building his suit or analyzing data. AI has given lots of benefits to us; otherwise, some people worried about AI like Stephen Hawking. If robot which are really good at analyzing financial markets or inventing new research, what happen to us? People are taken away their job by robots. Robots work continuously without tiredness and salary, so the boss of a company try to use robot instead of people. Hence, people and robots compete each other for jobs. If this situation comes reality, our society would be confused I think.

Related Link: Robots smarter than humans by 2029 (26th February, 2014) Not only Hawking, but also Ray Kurzweil, an experts on artificial intelligence scientist working for Google as Director of Engineering, said robot will be smarter than human by 2029. In addition, he thinks that computers will be able to tell jokes and stories. If computer have feelings and desire not just logical thinking, I could feel them like a real human. Reading this article, I realized the potentiality of AI; on the other hand I wonder about the future of coexistence AI and human.

Mr Kurzweil believes computers will be able to learn from experiences, just like humans. He also thinks they will be able to tell jokes and stories, and even flirt.

Vocabulary & Expressions

He said it is still in its early stages of development, but when it becomes more sophisticated, it could prove a threat to our existence.

sophisticated(adj): A sophisticated machine, device, or method is more advanced or complex than others.

Korean Equivalent: 정교한, 교양 있는, 지적인

Synonyms: refined, practical, mature

Antonyms: inexperienced, unrefined, unsophisticated

Personal Sentence: Honeybees use one of the most sophisticated communication systems of any insect.

Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.

superseded(p.p)/supersede(verb): If something is superseded by something newer, it is replaced because it has become old-fashioned or unacceptable.

Korean Equivalent: 대체[대신]하다

Synonyms: annul, displace, remove, supplement, replace

Antonyms: retain, stay, accept, submit

Personal Sentence: Hand tools are relics of the past that have now been superseded by the machine.


One thought on “Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us

  1. Thanks Jiseon. That was a fascinating article you choose, and you did a great job with your summary. Just one small thing regarding conjunctive adverbs. “however” has the same meaning as “yet”. You used both together. Just choose one. If you use “yet”, you need a comma before it. You had the right punctuation for “however”, you just need to delete the “yet” before it. You also need a comma after “on the other hand”. Hope that helps.



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