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*The reason why I chose this class

I chose “A BEGINNER’s GUIDE TO WRITING IN ENGISH FOR UNIVERSITY STUDY” course in futurelearn site for MOOC project. The reason I selected this lecture because I want to prepare for writing an essay. In this summer vacation, I go to UC Berkeley for 8 weeks, and some projects require writing skills.(Compound) Before doing the projects, I wanted to acquire writing an essay skills.(Complex) Through this course, I want to remind the writing skills I have studied before and learn new method of writing an essay.

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[snowflackes]My favorite post from each partner’s blogs

*Hong Yena’s blog (Sweets&Movies)

James Cameron: Before Avatar a curious boy

Yena’s passions are Sweets and Movies. I interestingly looked at her posts because both of them were my passions, and various subjects attracted me.(Complex) 계속 읽기

My Top 5 favorite apps

In an App store, new applications are released every day. They offer useful functions to us. Lots of smart phone users are interested in using them; also, I am one of them who love to use apps.(Compound) In this post, I want to share my top 5 favorite apps with you, and if you like one among them, download it!

5. everytime  everytime

everytime3    everytime2

I expect that everytime is the most popular app in our university students.(superlative form) It is an application that offers community space, time table and reviews of course for university students. In community space, I get announcements of our university and other club’s new or events. 계속 읽기

My Top 5 attractions in New York

Last summer vacation, I have visited New York for school program, and my colleagues and I spent 10 days in there. It was one of the best places I have ever been to!(superlative form) I want to share my idea of top 5 attractions in New York based on my experience. If you are going to visit NY someday, please reference my post:)

  1. UN Headquarter

P20140812_055929843_525C7F91-74E3-4FFD-B45B-8EADF6F09BCE   P20140812_053217195_129BA749-3FDD-4A4E-A43A-AB3765A107ED

All over the world, there are two UN Headquarters. One of them is in Geneva, and the other is in New York. Representatives from all over the world participate in UN council. The reason that I picked UN Headquarter as a top 5 attraction is that it would be meaningful to visit the Headquarter and learn what are they doing and history of our world. 계속 읽기

Begin Again Review

Begin Again

Begin Again is the movie that has left a deep impression on me. Although this movie isn’t related to my passions(technology & travel), I want to share my ideas with you about Begin Again(Complex).


The genre of this movie is romance and drama and a director of this movie is John Carney who has opened new horizon for music movie with ‘Once’. The plot of Begin Again goes as follows. 계속 읽기

Video games should be in Olympics(27th December, 2014)

Video games should be in Olympics(27th December, 2014)


Fob Pardo, chief creative designer for the World of Warcraft game, told the BBC that video games should be a part of the Olympic Games. He said the Olympic needed to be more up-to-date. Millions of people around the world enjoy participating in competitive games, which is also known as e-sports. He mentioned that professional players in e-sports have quick reflexes and have to make fast decisions at every moment; nevertheless, Pardo thought it would be difficult to get e-sports to be included into the Olympics.(Compound) Many people do not consider it as a real sport because it relies on technology and not athleticism.(Complex) He refuted the people’s claim. He argued it is proper sport since it needs a lot of physical effort and skill which make game exiting to watch.(Complex) Besides, he believes that it is a better than many Olympic sports. PC Magazine website suggested there could be separate international competition for e-sports that could be like the Olympics. It means gaming would be the main event. 계속 읽기

Gary Kovacs: Tracking our online trackers

Gary Kovacs: Tracking our online trackers


Nowadays, over 2.5 billion of people around the world are connected to each other, and they gain knowledge or share their information. Although the internet offers convenience to us, a danger is hidden under its advantage. We surfs the internet getting information; meanwhile, our personal information might be collected without notice. We are leaving our personal information such as our birthdays, our interests and preferences, relationships and our places of residence. There is a new industry called behavioral tracking which is collecting our trace we leaved while surfing and build our profile. Once all of that data is gathered, they can use it for any purpose. In this area, there are few regulations and rules, so consumer are almost naked against damage from behavioral tracking. He introduced a program called Collusion. It helps us to see where our Web information is going and tracked. With Collusion, he could realize that more than 150 sites were tracking his personal information in a day while he checked email, read online news and looked some video. He claims that we are being watched, and we have to act something to protect our information. He recommends to install Collusion and we’ll check behavioral tracking. 계속 읽기